Don’t Throw Away Your Stinky Workout Gear. Try This First!

     If you are like me, you have to keep your used workout gear in a separate room from where you live and sleep until laundry day.


     Then, even though it smells okay when it comes out of the wash, it really starts to stink once you get warmed up and start to sweat. And when you are finished, you and your clothes are banished to the far reaches of your home. But I don’t want to throw away perfectly good work out gear just because it smells.
     It turns out there is a really good reason for this behavior and better yet a way to deal with it that doesn’t include throwing out your favorite gear, buying new gear or an expensive divorce.
     Bacteria and other microbes latch on to the microfiber fabric that makes up most workout gear. Remember cotton. Didn’t smell as much but it has its own problems. So regular washing doesn’t break this bond between that which smells and your clothes, it just hides it until you start to sweat again.
     Other things I have tried in the past like soaking my workout gear in vinegar have worked to get the stink out because it kills the bacteria but it didn’t stop it from coming back.
     Now I have found a way to both remove the stuff that smells and stop it from coming back with DeFunkit. I have tried this myself with gear that needed to be hung up outside for days after each workout and it did the job. It is a bit expensive but realize that you have to wash gear using this system once to rid it of the bacteria and block it from coming back. After that you just wash normally.
     Give it a try and come back to tell us how it worked….

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