Outrunning, Out-Climbing Alzheimer’s

Boomerangfit in the News!

Boomerangfit and our upcoming climb of Mt Baker to raise money for the CureAlzheimer’s Fund got some press this week in The Wanderer in southeastern MassArizona Spartan Raceachusetts.

In the article, Jean Perry writes about why we started BoomerangFit. First of all to motivate Baby Boomers to keep focused on staying active and attempting new challenges as we age while at the same time raising money to cure one of the diseases that will do the most damage to our generation: Alzheimer’s.


Please consider sponsoring BoomerangFit’s climb of Mt Baker to raise money for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund by clicking HERE. Since its founding, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has contributed more than $38,000,000 to research, and its funded initiatives have been responsible for a number of key breakthroughs. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund supports some of the best scientific minds in the field of Alzheimer’s research. Fully 100 percent of funds raised by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund go directly to research—the Board of Directors covers all overhead expenses.


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