High Blood Sugar and Working Out

One of my pet peeves has always been people referring to “fat-burning” workouts. What workouts would burn more fat? Well this is unfortunately a very complex question because it is not only impacted by the intensity of the workout and the heart rate that you can maintain, but is also impacted by what you eat and your blood sugar.

If you eat a lot of sugar before you workout, if you are healthy your body will release insulin in order to recruit that sugar for energy. Insulin, also however, serves the purpose of shutting down fat burning in order for your body to first clear this toxic excess of sugar from your bloodstream. So if you drink a Coke with its 44 grams of sugar before you workout no matter what you do or how intense you are mostly burning sugar for that workout. The only way to burn fat in this scenario is to continue exercising until that sugar is gone and your healthy body begins to transition to fat burning.

Now a recent study reported on in the New York Times goes a bit further to say that “people with consistently high levels of blood sugar could get less benefit from exercise than those whose blood sugar levels are normal, according to a cautionary new study of nutrition, blood sugar and exercise.”

“The study, which involved rodents and people, suggests that eating a diet high in sugar and processed foods, which may set the stage for poor blood sugar control, could dent our long-term health in part by changing how well our bodies respond to a workout.”

Anyway you look at it consuming an abundance of added sugar and processed food is just plain bad for you. So, if you are trying to return to fitness and live your best life start with cutting back on processed food and added sugar.

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