How To Get Six Back Abs by Next Tuesday!

Six Pack AbsHave you ever seen or clicked on an ad like this? I saw one today for something similar and clicked on it to find out what they were saying.

It turns out it was an exercise and diet program for men over 40  and promised as advertised “6 Pack Abs”. Not by next Tuesday but you get the idea. By the way, any advertisement that promises that you can lose weight, reduce the size of your clothes or improve your health by only exercising and not improving your nutrition is simply not sustainable.

Given the proper amount of discipline, the right diet and an exercise program, I am sure it is possible for someone over 40 to get a six pack. The question is why would that be your goal?

From what I hear in talking to most people in their 40s and 50s, there are a number of things they would want before even considering six pack abs.

First and foremost, people in this age group tell me that they want to be “Fit”. What does this mean? Fit can mean in good health but can also mean to be prepared for something or some activity. My goal could be to be “fit” enough to walk around the block with my dog if now I can’t do that. My goal could be to be “fit” enough to climb a mountain such as I am currently focused on.

Fit for a purpose of course depends on your purpose. If your purpose is to be an underwear or bathing suit model six-pack abs could be a goal worth achieving. If your purpose is to live long enough to see your grandchildren graduate college or to be able to walk 18 holes or play tennis, your goals could be dramatically different. I would argue that striving for mobility, energy, being happy with how you look in general, fitting well into your clothes, etc all may be better goals than six pack abs.

What I hear second most often is that people want to get “into shape”. What does this mean? “Shape” to me implies the way you look not, for example, the way you feel or what you can do. A shape is a circle or a square or whatever shape that you interpret as being desirable for yourself. As we all probably know, you can be in a desirable shape while not being healthy or fit for any purpose.

So save your money and don’t click on the Six Pack Abs advertisements unless you truly believe that your goal should be to get one. If your goals are more reasonable such as being able to move comfortably, to have enough energy to achieve your other goals, to extend not only the length but also the quality of your life, then just eat as little added sugar and processed food as possible, move slowly often and lift something heavy and move quickly only occasionally.

Has anyone attempted a six-pack ab program? What were your results?


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