Lost Carb Weekend and Water Weight

imageLast weekend after not exercising much and pigging out on carbs I ended up gaining almost 5 lbs. I then got back to low carb, worked out regularly and had a great weekend of exercise and eating right and pretty much lost it all and more.  Sure a lot of that is water weight due to the reduced glycogen in my system (the storage of glycogen requires a lot of water) but it still has to be some fat loss as well.  And, what about water weight?  Water weight contributes to me feeling bloated and my pants not fitting so what the heck, reducing water weight should count for something. If I can reduce the amount of inflammation and carbs in my system to the point where it doesn’t need to stock pile water, isn’t that a good thing? Any way, I am now about 4 lbs from my intermediate goal and still feeling good.

How do you feel about water weight? 

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