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What Are Michael Jordan’s Secrets for Success?

If you haven’t watched “The Last Dance” on ESPN or Netflix, you should. I am not particularly a basketball fan but this show was great and it was very motivating.

Another thing that I continue to learn by reading about and watching shows about top performing athletes like Kobe and Michael are how hard they work. They typically work harder than most others and have a very powerful competitive drive. Are they talented physically? Yes but that isn’t all of it.

So what are Michael Jordan’s secrets for all of his success? According to him and others in the show, I would break it down into three things:

  1. Competition – when the game or the moment counts, create a competitive drive that motivates you. This could be a competitor trash talking you, or a competitor winning an award that you believe that you should have won or even a slight or something else that you just make up in your head but you need to have something that drives you to that extra level. Michael Jordan for example was driven to excellence against the Utah Jazz in one series because Karl Malone had won the League MVP award instead of Michael who had won it multiple times before.
  2. No Negative Thoughts – Your mind is a temple and you need to keep it clean. Don’t let your lizard mind that is trying to keep you out of trouble and discomfort, lead you astray. Just focus on winning and what you need to succeed. There are many ways to do this that I discuss in another post HERE and look for “Taming The Lizard”.
  3. Be in the Moment – Above all, in order to be great, you need to be in the moment at all times, expressing your talent and preparation to the best of your ability without thinking negative thoughts (see #2) or without thinking about what you are going to have for dinner or what about the next game in the series etc. Just stay in the moment and play. There are great ways to build this muscle as well with Meditation probably being the most obvious.
  4. Hard Work – And, of course, work harder than everyone else, yes literally everyone else. All of the greats in sports that I read about always seem to be the last off the field, the court or the course. They always seem to be in early and out late no matter how much “talent” they seem to have.

So there you have it. If you do these things you may not be as great as Michael Jordan but perhaps more importantly you will be as great as you were meant to be! And don’t forget to watch the show.

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