Why these rocks motivate me more than anything else

Rocks. Volcanic Rocks. I picked up these rocks while sitting at the side of the volcanic crater near the top of Mt. Baker in the Northern Cascades in Washington State. So why do they motivate me?

Volcanic Rocks from Mt. Baker

Volcanic rocks from Mt Baker

I picked up these rocks while sitting and waiting for my team to go up to the summit of Mt. Baker  and come back while I stayed behind because my legs were cramping and I was exhausted. While sitting there, I thought that I must be dehydrated or reacting badly to the altitude, or maybe just unlucky or as my kind guide said “having a bad day”. But then I realized that there were really only two reasons for not making it to the top. 1) Mental – I was not strong enough mentally and could have prepared better through visualization, meditation or any of the other various ways you can get mentally stronger; and 2) Physical – even though I worked out hard and frequently and tried to do what the AlpineAscents guides told me, I didn’t do enough.

There is one rock by the way next to my bed and one next to my desk just so I don’t forget.

Volcanic crater near the top of Mt Baker

Volcanic crater near the top of Mt Baker

PS. Another thing I learned climbing Mt. Baker is that you can never have too many gallon Ziploc bags.

PSS. If you are considering giving climbing a mountain a shot but want to do it in a controlled and safe way, I would highly recommend calling AlpineAscents International in Seattle. Let me know if you need any more information about Mt Baker or climbing in general.

So what motivates you every day?


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